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How to create privacy policy page automatically for website

How to create privacy policy page automatically for website

Hello friends, How are you ? I hope you people are fine. And your techie life is going well. Most Importantly today I am going to share a trick with you which is very important. This trick is, How to create a privacy policy page for your blog site. Moreover first of all you need to know the importance of a privacy policy page. If you have already used google adsense or want to create google adsense account first you need to create a privacy policy page.

Adsense also required some others pages like about us, privacy policy, disclaimer, terms & conditions and contact us etc. From all the page privacy policy pages is the most important page. Where are all the rules of your website. Privacy policy is not only important for google adsense but mandatory for your business website. Generally the page describes about the rights between the users and the website admins. What types of data you take from the users and how you use these data. 

So no more importance about this today. Let’s see how to create the privacy policy page. You may check a demo of the privacy policy of a website. Privacy Policy | Ilmuddin

I hope you people get an idea about the importance of the privacy policy page of a website.

Let’s get started how to create a privacy policy page for your blog. 
  1. First search on google by typing “Privacy Policy Page Generator” and go to this website from this link. This is the best website for making privacy policy pages for free of cost and easy to use.
  2. Second, you get a web page and a form like this screenshot. Fill up all the required information about your website and business. And click on next.privacy policy page create step - 1
  3. Thirdly you will get to the next tab of Additional and you will get some choices like this screenshot. A. Select “yes” if you want to use cookies on your website. B. Select “Yes” If you wanna make this privacy policy page for google adsense otherwise “No”. C. Select “No” If you will not use any third party ads network without google.
    privacy policy page create step - 2
  4. Fourthly, You will get a page like this screenshot. So please select your country, type your valid email address and Click on ‘Generate My Privacy Policy’ button.
    privacy policy page create step - 3
  5. If you did this correctly, After that I hope you are able to make a privacy policy page. You will get a page like this. Click on the ‘copy to clipboard’ button and all the information will be copied.privacy policy page create step - 4
  6. Finally, go to your website dashboard, It may be blogger, wordpress, drupal or something like this. Create a new page or add New page. Privacy Policy would be your page name and select html view and page the text here.

  7. In conclusion Everything is fine. Moreover now you can publish your page this is ready to use for google adsense or your business.

Above all thanks for reading the article. Therefore I hope you can understand everything about the privacy policy page. So happy blogging and stay with us. 

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